Areas of practice

Areas of practice

Civil Law

– Legal services in the field of broadly understood civil law, including, among others, inheritance, property and family law as well as in the area of personal rights protection;
– Issuing and negotiating contracts;
– Legal representation in civil cases and preparation of pleadings.




Transport Law

– Legal services for enterprises from the road, air and maritime transport sector;
– Representing transport companies before state and local government offices, as well as in court disputes.

Corporate Law

– Ongoing corporate services for companies,
– Drawing up commercial company agreements and registering them;
– Acquisitions of business entities,
– Legal audit of enterprises;
– Bankruptcy, arrangement and remedial proceedings;
– Liquidation of companies.


Administrative Law

– Representation in administrative proceedings before public and local government administration authorities;
– Representation in proceedings before Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court;
– Preparation of letters, applications, appeals, complaints to public and local administration authorities or administrative courts.

Insurance and Compensation Law

– Advising on claims arising from the insurance contract;
– Representing individuals and business entities in claims handling proceedings and in court disputes with insurers;
– Comprehensive legal services for insurance companies covering both legal representation by courts of all instances and issuing opinions on contracts and general terms and conditions of insurance.

Criminal Law

– Advice on criminal law and misdemeanours law;
– Defense of accused and suspects in criminal matters;
– Defense of defendants in misdemeanor cases;
– Legal representation in criminal proceedings as a proxy of an auxiliary prosecutor, private prosecutor as well as a civil plaintiff.